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Ich bin Benno, your guide to innovation and customer centricity in the world of bicycles. With over two decades in the game,
I’ve transformed my passion for cycling and digital technology into superlite.bike – about putting spirit in teams, projects and companies.
Let’s shake things up together. For a future where bikes are king.
Let’s take a ride!

the superlite


I do what I love: Connecting with people from all backgrounds and cultures, assembling teams, identifying new business opportunities, telling compelling stories that create change, employing technology to drive positive transformation.

the superlite


superlite is not just the name of my first racing bike, a purple Giant steel rocket from the 90s that I still ride every day. It’s also my spirit: The best things happen when they feel light. When people who understand each other, listen to one another, have fun together, and work with passion on things that matter to them. Where mistakes are part of being human and where we’re not driven by numbers, but by the conviction to create something special, here and now. For the team, the company, the customers, the world.


I’m all in. I’m curious about people, countries, mindsets, and how new technologies can propel us forward.


Often unconventional, mostly optimistic, and always intuitive, I shape my observations into stories that captivate, motivate, and inspire.


I create places that encourage human connections and real exchange, teams and companies whose core is a shared spirit. Where innovation and growth become positive side effects.

the superlite


I offer consulting services and I take action. With empathy and entrepreneurial spirit, I find innovative paths to achieve the objectives of the companies I partner with: businesses in the bike and mobility sector, manufacturers, startups, and public institutions. My approach is committed, creative, and unconventional.

business consulting

Developing Strategies:
Whether through individual sessions, workshops, or as part of a team, I develop customized strategies to drive your company forward – from cultural change and market innovation to customer centricity.

events & talks

Connecting Experiences:
I am known for hosting events that inspire, strengthen our community, and make an impact. On stage, I share inspirational and entertaining stories about technology, society, and your company.

digitalisation & ai

Using Technology as a Driver:
Leverage the latest digital and AI tools to enhance efficiency, better understand your customers, and offer innovative solutions.

marketing & strategy

Powerful Messages:
I can assist you in building a strong brand and telling your story compellingly, forging a deep connection with your target audience.

the superlite


With my expertise, desire for innovation, and the ability to captivate audiences, I illuminate the future of bicycle mobility. Stay updated and follow me on YouTube or LinkedIn to not miss any of my talks. I’m always looking for stages to share my knowledge and passion – feel free to contact me.

looking forward to brainstorming and collaborating soon.

Great things happen through collaboration! I’m open and flexible: Looking for a co-founder, business development guy, or dev team builder? I’m open to partner with you and make an impact together.
Let’s join forces, draw on our diverse strengths,
and make things happen!

Benno Bartels

+49 177 3645383


Nürnberg, Germany